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The SUPER Package Deal Bundle and SAVE $$$

The SUPER Package Deal  Bundle and SAVE $$$
The SUPER Package Deal  Bundle and SAVE $$$
The SUPER Package Deal  Bundle and SAVE $$$
The SUPER Package Deal  Bundle and SAVE $$$
The SUPER Package Deal Bundle and SAVE $$$
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  • Model: The APF Super Package Glass Filter Media AFMng and Injection
  • Weight: 400.00lb
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  • UPC: 787790861065
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The APF Super Package Deal is a simple way to save big money. 

Save $190 when purchasing this package deal.

This is what the package includes:

  • The APF Injection Package 
  • Three 55 Pound Bags of AFM Glass Media (Grade 1) 
  • Three 55 Pound Bags of AFM Glass Media (Grade 2)
  • Provides enough media for a 350lb filter

and aquaria. A basic crushed glass product does not have the surface-active properties, there will be a hydraulic lenses effect which leads to channeling, there are also serious health implications for the public and contractors from using a basic crushed glass product. Dryden Aqua have completed a 1.2 million Euro Research Project in co-operation with the European Commission under the Life Environment initiative to solve these problems. For information

What is AFM?

AFM® is an activated filtration media manufactured by Dryden Aqua. In addition to the product applications and process, technology have been developed by Dryden Aqua. AFM is engineered to have surface-active properties of adsorption and catalysis as well as acting as a mechanical filtration media. AFM is a great deal more than recycled glass filter media.​


AFM® Activated Filter Media is a direct replacement for sand, doubling the performance of sand filters without the need of additional investments in infrastructure.

AFM® is a highly engineered product manufactured from a specific glass type, processed to obtain the optimum particle size and shape. It is then exposed to a 3-step activation process to become self-sterilizing and to acquire superior adsorption properties.

Self-sterilizing surface: AFM® is 100% bio-resistant, prevents channeling, and the biological conversion from urea to ammonia in the filter bed responsible for the toxic chlorine smells (trichloramines).

Superior adsorption properties: : The surface area of AFM® is strongly increased and becomes hydrophobic (water-repellent) to filter particles down to 1 micron and to remove about 50% more organic substances from the water than sand and other glass filter media, thus reducing the formation of harmful THMs including chloroform by up to 50%.

Performance and Benefits

1. Up to 80% better performance than sand
2. Self-sterilizing does not become biofouled
3. Almost eliminate trichloramine and THM`s
4. Effective barrier against cryptosporidium
5. Reduce Legionella and MRSA levels
6. Excellent for iron and manganese removal
7. Lowers DOC ( dissolved organic carbon)
8. Arsenic removal when combined with NoPhos
9. Can remove some toxic prescribed substances
10. 70% saving of back-wash water
11. Reduce pumping costs ( lower delta P)
12. 100% environmentally sustainable
13. Filter performance is stable and predictable
14. Life Cycle cost savings

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