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AFM Glass Media Grade 2 (Medium)

ZeroChlor AFMng Grade 2 (Medium) 55 lbs




This is the AFMng GRADE 2  which is usually used by pool owners in large sand filters as the second part of the 3-Stage Activated Glass Filter System.  It is installed on top of grade 3 and under grade 1 inside the sand filter body. Filters smaller than 36" do not require grade 3. Filters smaller than 36" will use 50% grade 2 and 50% grade 1. 

ZeroChlor recommends AFMng Filters anytime a pool is upgraded to the ZeroChlor Pool System.  Consider adding on AFMng during checkout!  If it's not AFMng it's not Activated.  Activation of the glass media is the most important part!

AFMng is an Activated Filter Media, manufactured and activated by Dryden Aqua under ISO procedures to create a large hydrophobic area, and highly mesopourous structure, with catalytic self-sterilizing properties. AFMng can filter down to 1 micron. Proper GPM per square foot required.

AFMng is manufactured from reprocessed glass, but it is not a basic crushed glass filter media. We have experience with lots of glass media brands but none of the brands we have tried even come close to the performance and longevity of AFM. AFMng is a highly processed product that has been tested by independent UK Government laboratories and the water industry and has been certified safe for all water filtration applications. Filter sand has bypassed the regulations because it was in use before the regulations were in place. However, man-made filtration products are not exempt, and AFM is the only filtration media that is in compliance with the regulations and is safe to use for applications such as drinking water, swimming pools, and aquaria. A basic crushed glass product does not have surface-active properties, there will be a hydraulic effect which leads to channeling, there are also serious health implications for the public and contractors from using a basic crushed glass product. Dryden Aqua has completed a 1.2 million Euro Research Project in co-operation with the European Commission under the Life Environment initiative to solve these problems. For information

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