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ZeroChlor 75 PLUS

ZeroChlor 75 PLUS
ZeroChlor 75 PLUS
ZeroChlor 75 PLUS
ZeroChlor 75 PLUS
ZeroChlor 75 PLUS
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  • Model: ZeroChlor 75 PLUS Chlorine Free Swimming Pool System
  • Weight: 45.43lb
  • SKU: 787790862369
  • UPC: 787790862369
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ZeroChlor PLUS 75 Pool System

No Salt, No Chlorine, No Ozone Swimming Pool Sanitation

The Elite Model For Smaller Pools with Limited Bather Loads.

The Perfect System for Pool Owners who Want it All!

This is essentially the ZeroChlor 75 PLUS the HET-UV Chamber.  

For use on swimming pools smaller than 20,000 gallons.

Includes high surface area titanium array for industry-leading hydroxyl radical production.

Includes massive, long-lasting copper bars for powerful ionization.

Includes highly specific controls that allow you to "dial-in" the exact amount of sanitation required for your unique swimming pool environment.

Includes High Exposure Time UltraViolet Light Chamber (HET-UV) to destroy bio-threats in the pool water at the DNA level preventing reproduction and resulting in the cleanest and clearest water possible.

This system was developed specifically to address the technological shortcomings of systems offered in the AOP market prior to 2020 and improvements in water quality and ease of use have been truly amazing.

Shipping is FREE.

One-Year Warranty (Excluding Bars and UV Bulbs).  Warranty upgraded to Three-Years if the system is installed by Recommended Installer. 

Compare this product to Ecosmarte or Clear Comfort.

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